Touch With Oils® Circle of Compassion in Action

for Touch With Oils® Instructors

This program is currently being restructured.

The fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action.   Mother Teresa

Part of my vision for Touch With Oils® (TWO) from the very beginning (early 1990’s) was to teach everyone from families, friends, caregivers, volunteers, health practitioners and others … the Touch With Oils® Hand Massage. Experiencing this silent language of compassion and love through reverent touch and smell, reminds our heart of these soulful elements. The strength of gentle and the power of quiet are lost and forgotten … in a complex world of flashing sights and noisy sounds.

With these initial thoughts came the vision of also teaching a Circle of Instructors to go out into the world and teach this to others.   The vision is … these wonderful people touching others that I could never get to without them with the Touch With Oils® Hand Massage … like a drop of water in a still pond creating circles of vibration from one point of light. When you reach out and join hands, you create a circle from your heart to theirs. Our hands are a beautiful outward expression of our hearts.

There is no beginning or end to a circle. Thus Principle #9: Giving and receiving become one. In the center of the circle is a still quiet place of no boundaries or judgments. We find here a place we can meet in the quiet river of peace that is deep inside all of us.

This experience was brought home to me when I gave the Touch With Oils® Hand Massage to an unconscious man in Hospice House, an Incan Indian in the Andes whose language I couldn’t speak, and a woman in Saudi Arabia in her black abaya. This is a circle of compassion, peace and understanding for the reverence for life in all God’s creatures great and small (including us).

Benefits of membership: My way of teaching, inspiring and keeping us connected with information, updates, and stories is our Touch With Oils® Circle of Compassion in Action for Instructors.

Smell and touch are noted to be our most primitive senses.
They are powerful healers when used together with pure integrity.      Michelangelo


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